All of our spa packages include: a bath using high quality shampoo, a conditioning treatment, a blueberry facial, nail clipping, anal gland expression, the furminator conditioner, ears cleaned, bows and/or a bandanna, and all of the TLC your pet deserves!


Cats: $75+ bath and brush out

$100+ full haircut


Small Dogs (up to 20 lb): 
$40 bathing
$45+ basic trim
$55+ full hair cut
Medium Dogs (up to 50lb): 
$45+ bathing
$60+ basic trimming
$75+ full hair cut


Large Dogs (50 - 90lb): 
$55 bathing shorthair
$65 bathing longhair
$75+ hair cut
Extra Large Dogs (over 90 lb): 
$65+ shorthair bath
$70+ longhair bath
$90+ Heavy Coat breeds
$100+ for full hair cut

Our Salon   


    Canine Couture is the ultimate day of luxury for your pet! We have the finest shampoos, conditioners, facials, and all of the tender loving care you could ever ask for to pamper your pet. We believe that every pet should be treated as our own, and have the most relaxing and luxurious experience possible. It is truly a day at the spa, and your dog will be excited to come see us over and over again! At Canine Couture we groom EVERY breed.. From a 3lb yorkie to a 200 lb great dane! No pup is too big or too small for a day at the spa!




                 We offer several high quality :

All baths and haircuts include: The bath (with a shampoo that fits your dogs needs), a conditioner, nails, ears, anal glands expressed, and a pretty bow or bandanna(or both, your choice). Prices vary depending on the size, breed, and fur of your pet.


Blueberry Facial:This facial not only smells AMAZING but is relaxing, color enhancing, and cleansing. FREE WITH EVERY GROOM!


Furminator: This is a highly moisturizing deep conditioner is massaged into the dogs coat for at least 5 minutes and will loosen all of the undercoat your dog may have. The results are amazing and you will be surprised at how much hair really comes out of your dog. FREE WITH EVERY GROOMING BATH!


Nail Grinding: Are your dogs just scratching up your legs? Grinding their nails down will keep them from scratching you. $5.00 extra with any grooming..$13.00 for a walk in nail trim.


Nail Painting: Give your dog that extra little sparkle by making them feel special with a beautiful pedicure!


Fur Dying: We offer a selection of colors to give your dog a purple Ravens mohawk, or just a few pink highlights! (ALL DYES ARE PET FRIENDLY AND SAFE)




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Pet Massage:  Massage stimulates the lymph & circulation system, supplying nutrients & flushing toxins
Massage is beneficial for the nervous system, overall well-being
Massage touch allows to feel for possible abnormalities
Valuable Essential Oils provide Aromatherapy to awaken the mind & renew the spirit