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Canine Couture & The Yuppy Puppy
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Because Your Dog Deserves the Very Best

Full Service Spa Treatment

Each pampering session at the pet spa is a lavish extravaganza! Your furry companion will indulge in a luxurious bath with high-quality shampoo and conditioner, a special blueberry facial, and a nail trim. Their ears will be cleaned, and they will receive a gentle blow dry if it doesn't stress them out. They can opt for deshedding, a haircut, or both, followed by a spritz of cologne. Female pets receive a floral collar, while male pets don a stylish necktie. As a finishing touch, they will receive a personalized spa experience report card and a treat bag for the journey home.

A La Carte

Pet Massage

Underneath a dog's fur is a thin protective skin layer that can lead to dermatitis if not functioning properly. Nutrients and lipids are crucial for healthy skin protection. Dry skin is a common factor in dermatitis conditions. Madra Mór Muds are natural mud treatments designed to nourish and hydrate a dog's skin, restoring its protective barrier. The mud contains beneficial minerals and oils for detoxification and cell regeneration, promoting healthy skin and coat. The products are made from organic ingredients and free from harsh detergents, offering a gentle and effective solution for canine skincare.(We will choose the formula best suited for your precious pooch)

Nail Grinding

 Walk In Nail Trimming

Nail Painting

Paw Fizz

Madra Mud Massage


Ear Cleaning

Fur Dying

Canine Couture & The Yuppy Puppy have merged to give your pet a day of luxury! We have the finest shampoos, conditioners, facials, and all of the tender loving care you could ever ask for to pamper your pet. We believe that every pet should be treated as our own and have the most relaxing and luxurious experience possible. It is truly a day at the spa, and your dog will be excited to come see us over and over again! At Canine Couture we groom EVERY breed... From a 3lb yorkie to a 200 lb. great Dane! No pup is too big or too small for a day at the spa!

Love dogs

Ashley is the owner and founder of Canine Couture. She opened Canine Couture to give pets a loving spa like environment to be groomed. She is a professional pet groomer, with over 20 years in the pet care industry and grooming professionally for 18 she is more than experienced in all breed pet grooming to make your pet beautiful and comfortable at the same time. She prides herself on making sure every animal brought into her care is relaxed and calm in their environment.

As many of you are aware, we prioritize the safety and well-being of your pets. To enhance our strict disinfecting measures, we will be introducing a professional UV sanitizing lamp for nightly use. Continuously seeking ways to improve our cleaning practices, we aim to maintain a happy and healthy environment for all.


Our Services

As a team of knowledgeable Pet Groomers our team offers a full-range of services designed to give your pet the best care possible. Depending on their needs, We can tailor my service list to make sure they get all the attention they deserve. If there’s something specific your pet needs that isn’t on our list, contact us & we would be happy to help.

Pet Groominh

Call us at 410-592-7801 or 410-879-1459

Dog grooming
Cat Grooming

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