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Q. How much does it cost to have my dog groomed?

Prices are based on the breed and size of the dog, age, behavior, special needs and the condition of the coat.


Q. Why has the cost of pet grooming increased?

Due to inflation, the cost of operating a business has gone up drastically. Our groomers have worked very hard at perfecting their skill and deserve to be paid a living wage.


Q. Do I need to schedule an appointment to have my dog groomed?

Yes, Appointments allow us to give each pet the special attention and time they deserve.


Q. How long will my dog need to stay for grooming?

A typical grooming procedure takes about 3-5 hours. Additional time may be needed for larger dogs, or special needs pups that need multiple breaks, or dogs with thick or matted fur. We attempt in every way to have your pet ready at the appointed time. Due to the special nature of working with animals, sometimes things might not go as scheduled. Your patience and understanding are greatly appreciated.


Q. How often should my dog be groomed?

Frequency of grooming depends on the breed, coat type and length, lifestyle and how much brushing and detangling you do at home between grooming appointments. If your dog has a longer hair style or a coat that tends to get tangled, they should be professionally groomed every 4-6 weeks. A dog with a short hair style or short coat can be groomed every 6-8 weeks.


Q. How do I get the best results from the groomer?

Every dog owner has different needs and expectations about dog grooming.

• Be specific about your expectations.

• Bring pictures.

• Be realistic about the condition of your pet's coat. Do you brush your pet regularly at home? or is his coat badly matted or tangled? Even a skilled groomer can't save a m... matted sometimes there is no choice but to shave the matts and wait for the fur to grow back.

• Be honest about the results, please let your groomer know at pick up so we can figure out what you were expecting together. We want you and our furry friends happy when they leave.


Q. What is the De Shedding Treatment?

• It starts with a massaging bath with our specialized DE Shedding Shampoo.

• The DE Shedding conditioner is applied to help loosen the undercoat and hair.

• A high velocity dryer separates and eliminates the excess coat and loose hair on your pet.

• Our special DE Shedding Tools are then used to extract loose hair and undercoat from your pet, leaving only the shiny and healthy top coat.


Q. When should my puppy come in for its first groom?

*It’s important to have your puppy groomed as soon as possible so they can get used to and learn to love the grooming experience. We recommend they come in after their last set of vaccinations. We will not clip your puppy on their first visit to the Spa as the evolution from a puppy to an adult coat is dependent on breed and a grooming regime will be suggested to suit your puppy. During their first visit your puppy will be introduced in a relaxed and fun way to the sights, sounds and smells of the grooming salon ensuring that future visits are stress free.


Q. How often does my dog need a nail trimming and do I need an appointment?

*Your pooch’s nails should be trimmed monthly. You do not need a pre-booked appointment, but we do recommend you call on the day before you come to reduce your wait time. Why not treat your pooch and book them in for a Deluxe Pawdicure if they are visiting?


Q. My dog is old, can it be groomed?

* All dogs regardless of age benefit from being groomed. However aged, disabled, and ill pets required specialist treatment during the grooming process. We have a special place in our hearts at Canine Couture for our aged canine companions and our staff have been trained on the individual considerations for special handling of these fur kids. We are experienced in working with deaf, blind, arthritic dogs, and those with diabetes. If in any doubts, please consult your vet who will help you to decide whether there would be any adverse risk in grooming your older dog.


Q. What if I am not happy with the service my dog receives?

* If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with the treatment received, please advise within 2 business days so we can do our best to rectify it. Pet parents’ satisfaction is important to us. We take great pride in our service and want you too as well.


Q. Will my dog be crated? Will they be allowed to socialize with other dogs?

*Dogs are always crated, unless being worked on by a groomer. They are kept in kennels appropriate to their size, in full view of the groomers always, and are given access to water throughout their grooming session. And as fun as it would be for some dogs to see their friends from the park or down the street, letting them run free would be otherwise unsafe for everyone involved. Our groomers are there to groom your dog, not to supervise play sessions between potentially unfamiliar dogs of different sizes, energy levels, and temperaments.


Q. Can I wait with my dog?

No, if only because it makes your dog more anxious. Your dog will be much calmer when they cannot see or smell you and will get very fidgety and distracted if you are in the room. We don’t blame them! For their own safety and peace of mind, our groomers need their full attention when grooming them.


Q. Where do you groom the dogs? Can I see the space?

Yes! We are always transparent with where and how we groom your dog. There is no appointment necessary to see our grooming space, but to limit the stress it may cause our dogs being groomed to see strangers walking around we ask that you call ahead to organize a quieter time to visit.


Q. Are you going to wind up shaving my dog? 

Unless specified by you, the last thing we want to do is shave your dog! Sometimes, however, a dog’s fur can get so tangled that mats form close to the skin. This is both uncomfortable for your dog and will limit the skin’s ability to breathe, but is also very painful, if not impossible, to remove by brushing. Imagine having someone pull at your hair for hours on end—it’s not fair to expect your dog to go through that! In these cases where a dog’s coat is too matted to brush out, we recommend shaving as the last resort. At this point, the length of the coat will depend on how close the mats are to the skin: the closer they are to the skin, the shorter the cut will be. From then we can arrange more frequent grooming visits for better coat maintenance or offer resources for regular grooming at home. But don't worry, we will always consult with you first before deciding on anything and will never shave your dog without your consent!

If your dog is severely tangled or matted and you opt to shave them, they are unfortunately at a greater risk of injury and may show signs of stress or trauma. Matted fur does not allow for air circulation to the skin, causing hot spots, bacterial and fungal infections. Matted fur also pulls and binds, causing pain to your pet when they move or lay down, and the skin underneath those mats can be raw and inflamed. Because of this, there is a chance that your dog’s skin will become irritated during the process of removing the mats. As careful as we are, nicks can occur due to having to work so closely to the sensitive skin, along with ear bruising due to excessive head shaking after the mats have been removed. We cannot emphasize enough the important of maintaining a healthy coat through regular grooming!

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